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Ever wondered what is on the other side of the world? Did you ever hear the phrase » On the other side of the world everything is better… « With DigDown app you can easily find out where you would emerge if you just started to dig in to the earth where your phone is pointing to (the antipodal point). You will get information about the closest places to where you have emerged and even find out how that place looks like!

DigDown does not have a specific focus group. It’s for all curious users who like to know interesting facts, be informed about their position on the earth and have a few minutes to spend learning facts about different places. This app is pretty useful as well for those travellers who wonder where they are and what they could find on the other side of the globe.

You can download it from Android Market:

Developed by:

·  Marta Millan

· Víctor Muñoz

·  Alex Morales

· Klemen Istenič

· Andreu Hinarejos